What the Hell is a Smoking Turtle?

Well, look at the picture. That's a smoking turtle. There will always be some interesting & humorous stuff here. If you don't think it's interesting & humorous, get the hell off my web site! Wait a moment. One of the purposes of this web site is to sell you some worthless crap at inflationary prices so if you don't like the site, please go to the SALES page, buy something, then get the hell off my site!

I'll also try to point you to some of the web's best "I can't believe they're selling that so cheap" items. I like deals on stuff. I can't help it. I'm Presbyterian.


STEVE is the MAN


We have a new hero here at The Smoking Turtle. It's Steve. And Steve is the man. The lawnmower man that it. Check out the videos below to see three of our Main Man Steve's encounters with the local police.



Steve's first encounter with the cops. He gets maced.



Next we have Steve Getting Tazed.



Steve at home with his wife and a joint. And the cops too!




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